About ARBA

ARBA – What’s It All About?

What does ARBA stand for? The Ararat Regional Business Association has been operating within the jurisdiction of the Ararat Regional City Council (ARCC) for over three decades. It was created to meet the community need for a consolidated body to oversee the economic well-being of the Ararat Regional City, and create and realise opportunities for businesses.

What is the ARBA vision all about?  By providing quality services in the ARCC zone, Ararat becomes an attractive place for people to visit. By creating work opportunities Ararat becomes a viable place for people to live, work, invest and leading to an increase in the population – which in turn enhances economic stimuli.

What does ARBA actually do to benefit its membership? For many years ARBA has represented a membership of over 100 businesses. ARBA deals with portfolios common to all businesses such as – networking, tourism, retail, legal, financial, networking and Council issues.  It meets with the Economic Development Unit of the ARCC on a monthly basis to deal with issues of community interest. These include, for example, town parking, public address system,  public toilets, road upgrades and closures, special events, members’ breakfasts, guest speakers, online newsletter, representing members in times of crises (e.g. the failed prison expansion project – the previous President did numerous radio interviews, successfully lobbying for government intervention), marketing & lobbying,to government.

How does committee member prominence benefit members? Sound business acumen and management  principles have seen these businesses thrive through depressions (including the Great Depression!), recessions, and unpredictable events.  Their top management – CEOs, directors, proprietors, – including people with business, negotiating, financial, legal, tourism, marketing, commercial and other skills, make up the ARBA committee.  These prominent and busy people render their expertise to ARBA without any form of reward, other than to see Ararat thrive.

Does ARBA benefit all businesses – small, medium and large, and not just retail? Each of the committee members brings individual skills to the table for the benefit of all members’ businesses. Committee members are available to meet with and discuss issues and problems businesses may be facing. This could entail financial problems, proposed legislation, technical difficulties, whatever. the strictest confidence is assured.

Isn’t it easier for businesses to get together on a needs basis and arrange events informally? An informal consortium arrangement (e.g. a group of retailers wanting to organise an Easter event) may encounter issues with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) when collecting funds. Such a consortium may also incur personal liability in the event of an accident or death – giving rise to civil and criminal actions.

ARBA offers businesses a duly established legal entity to provide for their collective interests. ARBA’s committee members enjoy legal protection from personal liability, has public liability insurance, and its financial affairs are audited annually.

” Supporting ARBA, offers opportunities to develop yourself while becoming engaged with your community. The strength of ARBA’s voice is only as strong as those who speak with us. The more members we have, the louder our voice! We are committed to providing events, programs and promotions that appeal to our entire members; I am looking forward to a prosperous and fulfilling 2016-2017.”

Jodie-lee Wells,ARBA President




President-            Jodie-lee Wells, Saines Lucas Solicitors

Vice President-    Phil Clark, First National Real Estate

Secretary-            Therese Roper, Bendigo Bank

Treasurer–           Graham Foster, Foster’s Mensland


Max Perovich, Perrady Property Group


Business Development Officer

Sally Bond